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Giant Toughroad SLR2 M.  SOLD

Giant Fathom 2 M               Was £1399  Now£700

Giant Contend AR2 M         Was £1399  Now£700

Giant Contend SL2 L          Was £1449 Now £725

Giant Talon 27.5 1 M          SOLD

Giant Roam 3 M                 Was £649.   Now £325

Giant Escape 2 Disc M.      Was £649   Now £325

Giant Escape 3 Disc L.       Was £549   Now £275

Giant Contend 1 M             Was £999.   Now £500

Liv Alight 2 Disc L.             Was £649.   Now £325

Liv Alight 3 S                      Was£499.    Now£250

Whyte 529 M                      Was £1650  Now £825

Whyte 801 L                       Was £1250  Now £625

Whyte 405                          SOLD


Giant Explore E+2 M          Was £3099  Now £1550

Kids bikes

Giant ARX 26                       Was £445.   Now £225

Giant ARX 24                       SOLD

Giant ARX 20                       SOLD

Giant ARX 20 Purple.          Was £425.   Now £212

We also have some used bikes for sale. 

 Giant bikes

Giant offers finance at 0% over 48 months on many models, and you can still get the bike through us. Ask us for more details.

You can choose a hard tail Mountain Bike, or a lightweight Road & Trail Bike. Or if it all sounds too much like hard work to you, why not try an Electric Bike. We will provide you with a quality bike to fit in a friendly and efficient manner. 

Mountain Bike                £32/day   £8/hr

Road&Trail Bike             £24/day   £6/hr

Kids Bikes                      £16/day   £4/hr

Trailer Bikes                  £16/day   £4/hr

Child Seats                    £12/day   £3/hr

Tandem                          £32/day   £8/hr

E-mtb                             £48/day   £12/hr

E-bike                            £40/day   £10/hr

BMX                               £20/day    £5/hr

To book, phone 01597 811343, and ask to speak to Clive.

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